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*Tolerisk® is for Financial Services Professionals only.  If you are an investor, ask your Advisor about Tolerisk®.

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Why Tolerisk® ?

Expert Analytics

Tolerisk analyzes your investor's willingness and ability to take investment risk in a scientific manner, resulting in a range of numerical stocks / bonds benchmarks that are clear, specific and implementable.

Historical Probabilities

Runs 1,000+ scenarios on your client's specific circumstances, based on monthly equity, fixed income, and inflation data going back to 1927 to show your client's historical probability of financial longevity.

Stress Testing

Stress test each one of your client's inputs and assumptions to see how each affects their risk tolerance and their financial longevity. It also projects their risk tolerance through time!

Build Confidence

Build your clients' confidence in the risk level they select because your attention is automatically focused on the key drivers for each client.

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